Karelian energy industry workers are preparing for the flood waters passage


The energy industry workers of TGC-1's Karelsky branch are implementing measures to secure hydraulic structures and to pass flood waters at the hydroelectric power plants.

The warning systems have been checked, material inventories have been organised in order to isolate and eliminate possible emergency situations related to the flood water passage, as well as emergency response and repair teams have been established at the Vyg, Suna and Kem HPPs Cascades.

“We timely receive hydrometeorological information, monitor it online and detect changes in the water level and inflow,” said Roman Kartoshkin, Chief Engineer of TGC-1's Karelsky Branch. “We pay special attention to mitigating the risk of emergencies, emergency training and briefings held for operational staff at our facilities.”


TGC-1's Karelsky branch combines 16 hydroelectric power plants of three HPPs cascades (Vyg, Suna and Kem), and Petrozavodskaya combined heat and power plant.

Hydropower potential of the region is explored in the basins of the Suna, Vyg, and Kem rivers. Total capacity of TGC-1's plants in the Republic of Karelia: electricity — 833.7 MW, heat — 733 Gcal/h. Gross electricity output is 3,716.1 million kWh; heat output is 1,786.1 thousand Gcal.